Friday, January 10, 2014

The company has tackled several technical problems met

The company has tackled several technical problems met during improving cell phone jammer .
AAC is actually short for Advanced Audio Coding. AAC by Fraunhofer IIS-A, Dolby and AT & T to develop an audio format, which is part of MPEG-2 specification. Mp3Pro is an upgraded version of Mp3 encoding. VQF format is jointly developed by the NTT YAMAHA and an audio compression technology. FLAC is Free Lossless Audio Codec is the abbreviation, the Chinese can be interpreted as lossless audio compression. APE is the popular digital music file formats. Such lossy compression and MP3 in different ways, APE is a lossless audio compression technology. cell phone jammer is widely used in this area.
MIDI Music Instrument Digital Interface is the English acronym translates to "musical instrument digital interface." Ogg full name is OGG Vobis (ogg Vorbis) is a new audio compression format similar to MP3 and other music format available. But one thing different is that it is completely free, open, and there is no patent restrictions. M4A is the MPEG4 audio standard file extensions. Mentioned in the MPEG4 standard, ordinary MPEG4 file extension is. Mp4. eaac + format is the most optimized new generation of cell phones used in music format. eaac + extension M4A. It can be near-CD quality, MP3 format share storage space than smaller. cell phone jammer helps with protecting the safety in the oil depot.
Of course, Anyview also be able to run on other cell phones. When you installed Anyview, simply take your favorite novel to let go cell phone, you can read into the cell phone. By now, able to run more than Anyview the hundreds of cell phone models, not only SONYERICSSON, MOTO, NOKIA and other brands can run Anyview, made some of the latest cell phones can also run Anyview. iSilo can display HTML files and compressed documents. Well as hyperlinks, bookmarks, search, paste and copy and more. iSilo is able to read Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Windows CE Handheld PC handhelds and Windows on your computer system documentation for universal browsing software. The car blocker cell phone jammer can jam any remote lock.
You can find thousands of ready-made documents and downloaded quickly read by iSilo, iSiloX you can also create your own HTML document. Palm bookstores support common txt, pdb, htm and other file formats, and is the only format that supports EBX e-book reader. EBX e-book format with high efficiency compression algorithm, the file size small, very suitable for the network to download e-books and saved in the cell phone book. Different brand cell phone manufacturers in the production process is different, so different hardware facilities, such as cell phones memory card slot sizes are different. The memory card manufacturers and therefore produce different sizes of cell phone memory card, to suit different sizes of memory card slot of the use of cell phones, memory cards and give them names (such as TF card, MMC card) to distinguish between these different dimensions memory card. The car blocker cell phone jammer can unlock the vehicle key.
In China, more and more industries that classification applications of mobile client software development, and to seize the user client as an important market.

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