Wednesday, March 13, 2013

RF Signal Meter Circuit

 A neat little RF signal meter circuit has been discussed in this article which can be used to trace even the  minutest RF signals in the ether through an illuminated LED bar graph display. Courtesy: Steven Chiverton.

Hello swagatam busy getting next subject ready for you but heres a circuit from my collection  you may like to play around with signals, like it may be useful as another rf ghost detector .

The below given circuit is one of many i collected off the net this one isnt my design bu as years go by many circuits eventually disappear off the net and are then no longer there to build but the idea is if you find something and experiment enough you can improve the old one and or upgrade it. 

The gravity wave detectors if you still like the details may become handy in the paranormal field as they are on the hodowanec gravity wave detector site but no printed circuits for them and just part of a circuit so ive built them added the amplifier myself and made the printed circuit myself and upgraded them myself and tested them myself and have notes going back a few years and ive also come up with some of my own using old no longer circuit data  say a mic preamplifier you see them on the net but not this one if your not lucky enough to find this exact one anymore  i experimented with it and integrated it into my version gravity wave detector that uses a ceramic mic as  what you may like to call a ceramic mic , its the reader like an areal so the modified mic preamp i used to feed signals to the audio amp ic another one has the 741 as used in the original gravity wave detector and its surrounding few parts but i whacked the modified mic preamp[ after it in another similar gravity wave detector and so signal  gets amplified by the 741 and then fed into the modified mic preamp to amplify it more then to the 386 audio amp is  so the amount of changes and upgrades and improvements and modifications using bits of circuits etc is awesome  and theres no limit to what you can get ,  so i make printed circuits from old schematics that dont have printed circuit board designs for them  and i test and experiment and upgrade and add new ideas to them.

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