Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amplifier audio small to use with 9V battery operated

This is an audio amplifier that can be used with a small 9 volt Battery Operated,Current use as little as 5 milliamps.And amplification up to 500 mW.
Which is sufficient to expand the sound from a sound about or the CD Walk Man out to the small speakers clearly.
When entering the power supply 9-volt circuit IC1 number LM386 amplifier IC size is 300-800 mW, Depending on the power supply circuit with,This is from 4-15 volts.

Once entered into the input pin 3,The non inverting pin to amplifier non-return phase.C1 will be served cut out the noise input to ground.And C2 increases the rate of amplifier,C2 is to add more value.But if the C2 Too much distortion (the C2 should not exceed 100uF).The output of IC1 is out of the pin 5 through C4 coupling audio signals to better and DC block and not passed to the speaker.For the audio portion will also be fed back through R2 and C3 to the high frequency response better.
Next circuit ideals that use LM386 IC.

Amplifier 500 mW with ic LM386N

This circuit number LM386 IC is used as the IC, which is popular is that it has. It is a simple circuit. Less equipment items. Suitable for use or used in small trials.
The properties of the IC can be used from 4V-12V power supply for low current at 50 mA only. And the frequency response from 40Hz รข€“ 100 kHz rate of expansion of 46 dB and distortion.
Less than 1%.
Amplifier 500 mW with ic LM386N
When entering the power supply light LED1 circuit to tell the operating environment of the circuit. C6 and C7, with a page filter to smooth then be entered through one input sound signal.
C1 coupling signal protection dc voltage noise in circuit to the sound signal that is transmitted through VR1 for controller level reputation of sound signal and then sent to the input to pin 3 of IC1.
boost up output at pin 5 through C5 for protection dc voltage and meet the low frequency better and send out put speakers. The C4 and R1 is acting eliminate noise signal out and the pin 1 of IC will have a jumper for. to access the C3 to boost up rate increase in case the circuit to be used to boost up signal is very small.

Small audio amplifier IC 7w using lm383

This circuit, will help expand the sound small. such as radio, sound out, including CD WALKMAN. To the more powerful sound.The amplifier circuit can be up to 7 watts. Enough to use a good listening room.And most importantly is a very simple circuit.
Small audio amplifier IC 7w using lm383
Operation of the circuit. be Input signal is coupling with the C1.Passed into the pin 1 of IC1 number LM383. Amplifier output from the pin 4.Through C3 increase in low frequency stability better, before leaving to the speaker. The R2 and R3 set the gain 100 times. Which is calculated from the (R3/R4) +1.The C2 functions help in frequency response.

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