Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wind Sound Effects circuit

This wind sound effect generator circuit perfectly imitate the noise of the wind. Transistor T1 is connected as a Zener diode and will provide a noise signal to T2. The amplified signal by T2 is led to a frequency selective amplifier built with 741.
 With potentiometers P2a/P2b/P2c you can adjust the middle frequency of the filter and the wind sound. P1 adjusts the intensity of the sound which imitates the wind: an international scale Beaufort of wind intensity will make the adjustment easier.

For P2 you may use a quadruple potentiometer of 15KΩ or 2 pots connected in parallel (P2c). If it is necessary the adjustment of the double T filter may be done for another value of P2. For that you need this formula:
f = 1/2*pi*R*C with R=P2a=P2b=P2c and C=C5/2=C6=C7

P2 may be simulated from many trimmer potentiometers (for vertical mounting of the plate).

Wind Effects Generator Circuit Schematic

wind sound effect generator circuit schematic

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